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Welcome to Team Aire!

Teachers in our class are:

  • Miss Blythe
  • Miss Catterall/Miss Mills



Our Day

Every morning we come into class, complete our morning task, which usually involves practising our handwriting, and then have ‘check-in’. ‘Check-in’ is a time where we come together and check how we are all feeling at the start of the day.

We then have phonics, guided reading then followed by English and Mathematics after the break. When we are not learning in a group with the teacher, we learn through independent challenges.

After lunch, we have a phonics revisit session followed by topic time on a Monday and Thursday. We get the children to ask questions about the topic and learn through their interests. Before the end of the day, we have another practice at our handwriting. We also share stories with our teacher, read in groups or read independently.

On Tuesday afternoon we have PE with Miss Blythe and handwriting. On a Wednesday afternoon, we have computing and our dedicated hub time. Dedicated hub time is where we come together as a class and have a longer check in – it helps us with our confidence, self-esteem and our emotions. On Fridays, we have our ‘carousel morning’ where we spend time with different teachers. Miss Schofield teaches us Spanish, Mr Heath teaches us Music and Mr Jeff teaches us P.E.

Every lunchtime we come together with the rest of school and sit in mixed aged groups where we all enjoy a family dining service. This is where the older children serve the younger children and take responsibility for clearing the table. All children enjoy a healthy, well balanced hot meal.



Children will be sent home with 2 books a week given out during their guided reading sessions. One book will be at a slightly easier level to allow confidence, enjoyment and fluency to develop. The other book will be a focussed guided reading text at their level. Children will have the opportunity to read their guided reading book twice a week; once to the class teacher and once to the teaching assistant to again, develop as much fluency as possible. These guided reading books will be numbered. Please keep them, along with the yellow reading record, in your child’s book bag. It is crucial that these books come to school each day. The two books will be changed weekly.

Ask your child questions about their book as you go along will help to develop their understanding and question answering skills. Please write a note in their planner to say they have read with you. It is also great for children to read the same book more than once to increase their familiarity with words and improve their fluency. Your child can also read anything at home, from books to magazines, the back of a cereal packet to a leaflet sent through the post!

We are very grateful for any volunteer readers who would like to spend time reading with children for our classes on an afternoon. If this sounds like something you would like to do, please speak to the school office.




Homework will be given on a Friday and a spelling check will take place the following Friday. Homework includes spellings, number gym and reading daily. Children are expected to practice writing spellings in sentences to help them to learn them.

Useful websites to help your child: