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This is an exciting time for children as they enter a new phase of their lives. We do understand that it can also be an anxious time for both yourselves and them. We have put together these top tips of simple skills your child could practise to ensure they have the best start possible…


I can follow instructions

  • Play a treasure hunt around the house
  • Give instructions when getting dressed
  • Cooking activities.


I can sit at a table and use some cutlery

  • Use a fork to pick up food
  • Use a knife and fork to cut up food
  • Use a spoon to eat a yoghurt.


I can look after my belonging

  • Encourage your child to put their own shoes and coat away
  • Encourage them to look at books.


I can manage my feelings and needs independently

  • Encourage your child to get their own drink
  • Encourage them to get dressed with minimal support.

I can hold a pencil and make some markings

  • Use chalks to make patterns
  • Enjoy drawing together
  • Write a shopping list together.


I can use the toilet and wash my hands

  • Remind them to flush
  • Practise turning taps on and off
  • Remind them to wash their hands with soap.


I can read my own name

  • Use magnetic letters to spell your child’s name
  • Put a name card on your child’s door.


I can share and take turns

  • Use a timer to take turns in activities
  • Play shops or tea parties where children have to take turns.



You can download a copy of the suggested activities here