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Who are we?

Friends of Staynor Hall Academy (FOSHA) is a recently established group dedicated to the organising and running of events that directly benefit the children at the school and the wider Staynor Hall Community.

This will take the form of fundraising for new equipment, trips and activities for your children to enjoy and learn from, as well as creating lasting memories of their time at Staynor Hall Community Primary Academy. We hope that the events we run will encourage all parents, carers and extended family members to feel welcome and to create a school community that is open to everybody and is dedicated to making the children’s primary school experience as enriching and memorable as possible.

What do we do?

As we are a new group we have a short programme of introduction events for the remaining summer half term, and these will hopefully include a refreshment stall for spectators at the upcoming sports days, an end of term disco and a quiz night! The start of the next academic year will be an ideal time to set up a full school year of events, so please keep an eye out for details of these.

How you can get involved!

All parent who already has a child/children enrolled at the school will automatically become a member of FOSHA. Our current committee has 6 positions, although the number of committee members may grow as time goes on. Parent volunteers to help with the publicity and running of events will be ESSENTIAL, so if you have any time, ideas and resources to spare (large or small!) and would like to get involved please let us know by using the email address:

How you will hear about events and volunteering opportunities

We will communicate with you via Bloomz, and any new methods of communication will be advertised in due course. Please keep an eye on the school notice boards too!



Your 2018/19 FOSH committee is:

  • Anna-Marie McGlanaghey (Chair)
  • Vicki Martin (Treasurer)
  • Helen Thornton (Secretary)
  • Melanie Dilnot (Ordinary member)
  • Sarah Seaman (Ordinary member)