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Welcome to Team Ouse!

Teachers in our class are:

  • Mr Card – Class Teacher
  • Miss Catterall/Miss Mills – Assistant Teachers
  • Mr Jeff – PE specialist
  • Mr Heath – Music specialist
  • Miss Schofield – Spanish and Hub Time


Our week:

 The mornings will consist of a class check-in followed by Phonics, Guided Reading, Maths and then English. The afternoons start with a Big Maths Beat That session followed by Topic.  In our afternoon sessions we will be looking at Computing, History and Art as well as Science. We will be linking our learning to our topic of ‘What makes York so amazing?’  We will be exploring chocolate and how important this was to York as well as important people in York.  This topic will weave through our whole curriculum.

 PE Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning with Mr Jeff. P.E. kits can remain in school and be taken home to wash once a half term.

 Spanish and Music – We are really lucky to have specialist Spanish and Music teachers who teach these subjects.  Spanish and Music are taught on a Friday morning.

 Reading in Team Ouse – We will change your child’s reading books on a weekly basis.  Children will have the opportunity to read their guided reading book twice a week; once to the class teacher and once to the teaching assistant to develop as much fluency as possible.  These guided reading books will be numbered.  Please keep them, along with the yellow reading record, in your child’s book bag.  It is crucial that these books come to school each day.  The two books will be changed weekly.  Your child can also read anything at home, from books to magazines, the back of a cereal packet to a leaflet sent through the post! Please would you listen to your child read so that you can ask him/her questions and help them improve their understanding and fluency.  We would be grateful if you could then write a note in their reading record to say they have read to you.



Homework – We ask that children spend 5-10 minutes a day either reading, working on spellings or accessing number gym. Little and often is what we are aiming for.  We understand that children work incredibly hard in school, but the extra support at home makes a huge difference.

 Spellings – Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Friday during a ‘spelling check’.  Spellings can be accessed on the weekly Bloomz update message.  The spellings will consist of a spelling rule and then 5 words taken from a list of common exception words children need to be able to spell before leaving KS1.

Useful websites to help your child: