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Swimming is underway!

This week has seen our first ever swimming sessions at Staynor Hall. I am delighted to say that with the excellent support we have received from parents, every child from Year 2 and Year 5 will now swim once a week throughout the summer term.  Amongst the children, there  has been a mixture of nerves and excitement.  For some, it is an opportunity to gain water confidence whilst for others, the lessons will offer an opportunity to practice and improve a life-skill they have already begun to master.

As a school we are committed to offering the best possible physical education curriculum for every child. Swimming is an integral part of that commitment for so many reasons, not least for the children’s fitness, safety and general well-being.

For our staff team, watching the first session was an absolute pleasure, with so many of our children overcoming their barriers and seeing how their friends supported them and celebrated their successes as a team. Roll on next week!

In future years, there will be opportunities for other year groups to swim, to ensure all our children benefit from these excellent opportunities through their time at Staynor.

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