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Staynor Hall – First term in – What do our parents think?

What do our parents think about the school in our first term?

“I am really impressed with the school so far.  My son is 5 years old and when he started school, he could not hold a pencil.  He is now coming home and writing his name and spelling a lot of the words he is learning at school without any encouragement.  The best thing is the fact that he seems to enjoy it, and it is great to see him grow in confidence.

Another Dad said “It’s been a fantastic experience from the start until now and I can’t wait to see what’s down the line – although it doesn’t have to come too quickly!”

Mum of one of our 2 year old Tiny Steps children, said the school and its Tiny Steps provision was “a breath of fresh air”.  She said “My son went from not liking being separated from me, to not stopping talking about the school and his friends.  Moving my little boy here has been the best decision I made and I couldn’t praise the school enough.”

“Happy children are learning children,” said another mum, “We are so grateful to the staff and would highly recommend this school.  It has an up-to-date fresh take on education and the children are set to thrive.”

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