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Minibus for Camblesforth and Staynor Hall will be here soon

Parents and carers are responding positively to our plans for closer working between Camblesforth and Staynor Hall schools – and a shared minibus will be arriving before the end of the school year.

There were good turnouts at public meetings to discuss the plans and now the minibus has been ordered and is on its way.

From September we will provide a shuttle service to collect children at Staynor Hall and take them to Camblesforth at the beginning of the school day and bring them back again later on.

As detailed in our leaflet (available to download here), Ebor Academy Trust is working on closer links between our Camblesforth and Staynor Hall schools – both to help parents who can’t get a place for their child at Staynor Hall and to boost pupil numbers at nearby Camblesforth.

If you couldn’t secure a Reception place at Staynor Hall and you have been allocated another school, can opt to change to a place at Camblesforth at any time. All you have to do is email or call 01609 533679.

Further updates when we have them.

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